Dog toy KONG® Wubba™ Weaves
Dog toy KONG® Wubba™ Weaves

Dog toy KONG® Wubba™ Weaves

Ár 5.800 Ft Kedvezmény

Throwing, fetching, pulling, chewing, squeaking - the KONG® WUBBA WEAVES dog toy combines everything that your dog will find enjoyable. The toy, made from robust nylon fabric and tight cotton rope, can be used in many times of game, and at the same time promotes your dog’s dental hygiene. The KONG® WUBBA WEAVES combine a cotton rope knot, which your dog will find very inviting to chew on, crowned with a squeaker wrapped in durable nylon fabric and which produces an unmissable squeak every time the toy is thrown, grasped, carried or chewed. Moreover, the KONG® WUBBA WEAVES also have fluttering bands, which are likewise made from robust nylon fabric. The wide-ranging stimuli of the KONG® WUBBA WEAVES toys - whether it’s the fluttering of the tapes or the squeaking noise - will keep your dog interested in the long term. Thanks to the design and the nylon strips, the KONG® WUBBA WEAVES lends itself to being thrown and is therefore a great fetch toy. The cotton knot is not only fun for your dog to chew on, it also helps to clean its teeth!

  • with cotton ball
  • protective to teeth
  • promotes play instinct
  • suitable for retrieval games
  • with squeaker